Presidential Featured Sessions

Real Talk about Partnerships: Examining Process, Priorities, and Power in Educational Partnerships

Monday, April 26, 8:00am to 9:30am PDT

Description: The theme of this year’s conference, “Social Responsibility within Changing Contexts,” offers CIES the opportunity to host dialogues among people who regularly contribute to the Society, as well as bring in the voices of valued participants in the comparative and international education community we don’t typically hear from. This panel offers space to a variety of speakers to offer their perspectives on the opportunities, challenges, and drawbacks of partnerships in education across the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Through this panel, those involved in smaller-scale programs and research partnerships in comparative and international education will be at the center of the dialogue. Panelists and attendees will engage with questions that explore the reality of partnerships in the field of Comparative and International Education.

Chair: Sonja Anderson, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)


  • Aleesha Taylor, Herald Advisors
  • Charlotte Beyer, Oxfam IBIS
  • Joseph Adiama, FAWEU
  • Deborah Marie Rodriguez-Garcia, Sesame Workshop
  • Sayed Mahmud Sunny, BRAC
  • Maria Teresa Pinto Ocampo, Instituto de Estudios Políticos y Relaciones Internacionales (IEPRI), Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Discussant: Francine Menashy, University of Massachusetts Boston

Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic through the Lenses of Gender, Underrepresented Groups, and New Scholars

New time: Monday, April 26, 1:45pm – 3:15pm PDT

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and made visible issues of inequity locally and globally. It highlights challenges that simultaneously reinforce the importance of our work as comparative and international education (CIE) scholars and practitioners and illuminate obstacles for the field. The purpose of this double-length session, co-organized by the three CIES standing committees (Gender & Education, Under-represented Racial, Ethnic, and Ability Groups (UREAG), and New Scholars), is to create space to reflect on and respond to the implications of the pandemic we are navigating through the lenses of gender, diversity, and the next generation of CIE scholars. In framing and facilitating these critical conversations, our aim is to provide opportunities for members to connect around shared concerns and exchange resources and strategies for individual and collective response. Our hope is that these conversations might initiate ongoing reflection and action in response to these challenges.

The session will begin with a panel discussion to frame the discussion topics. Following brief remarks from each panelist, break-out groups will be formed and facilitated to further discuss impacts, resources, and strategies for response. Nine break-out groups will represent three broader topics: careers, researcher/teaching/learning, and equity. This session is co-sponsored by the Gender & Education Committee, the New Scholars Committee and UREAG.

Chair: Aryn Baxter, Independent


  • Pavan John Antony, Adelphi University (UREAG)
  • Kristy Kelly, Drexel University/Columbia University (Gender & Education Committee)
  • Bernardo Sfredo Miorando, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (New Scholars Committee)


  • Aryn Baxter, Independent
  • Laura Seithers, University of Minnesota

Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

Thursday, April 29, 10:00am to 11:30am PDT

Description: This session features a panel of CIE/Education alumni (CIES members) who have launched educational ventures to respond to an educational and socioeconomic need in a socially responsible manner. The panel comprises the following entrepreneurs:

  • Irene Greaves, A. (Venezuelan in Houston, UPenn graduate, and CIES member), Founder of Lovescaping
  • Rebecca Doherty (Nigerian-American in C., MA graduate from George Washington University & Harvard University, and CIES member), Founder of ALVAINA Foundation
  • Aisha Khairat and Heba Fadeel (Egyptians in Cairo, MA graduates of the American University in Cairo, Cairo), Founders of Social Enterprise Academy, Egypt

Chair: Jose Cossa, Pennsylvania State University & Walden University


  • Irene Greaves, Lovescaping
  • Rebecca Doherty, ALVAINA Foundation
  • Aisha Khairat and Heba Abdel-Fadeel Hassanein, Social Enterprise Academy, Egypt

Town Hall: Whose Knowledge are We Practicing in Comparative and International Education? Grappling with the Past, Coming up for Air in the Future

Monday, April 26, 5:45pm to 7:15pm PDT

Description: This town-hall style discussion explores knowledge production in the field. The panelists will offer very brief opening remarks to frame the discussion, introducing axes for discussion. The session will take place in an interactive format, privileging the audience’s comments and ideas with a focus on issue identification and agenda setting.

  • Going beyond Monitoring to Interrogating and Re-theorizing: Gender and Power in the Comparative and International Education Society, Christine Min Wotipka, Stanford University
  • Liberal-humanist or Colonizer?: Reconstituting and Rewriting the Foundational Narratives of CIE, Keita Takayama, Kyoto University
  • Positionality, Standpoint and Performativities in Knowledge Production, Gerardo Blanco, Boston College

Chair: Esther E. Gottlieb, The Ohio State University