Our Flexible Approach to CIES 2021

Our Approach

CIES 2021 is being planned under conditions of uncertainty related to COVID-19. We are, therefore, planning for both on-site participation in Seattle and virtual engagement in CIES 2021. Our approach allows for maximum flexibility with minimal scheduling changes should the on-site conference be cancelled due to the pandemic, or if participants change their minds about how to engage. To allow for that flexibility we are planning Zoom sessions for all special sessions (keynotes, plenaries, the Presidential Address, State of the Society meeting, etc.), for the usual sessions that take place in typical hotel meeting rooms (e.g, paper and panel presentations, New Scholars Workshops), the Pre-conference Workshops, keynote sessions and plenaries, etc. Participants in these sessions can engage in real time whether they are in Seattle or elsewhere. We are working on providing Zoom links for roundtables and book launch sessions for virtual sessions. Posters can be presented in person in Seattle (without technology), and/or poster presenters can post their presentations online for virtual (asynchronous) dialogue. Arts exhibitions will be virtual only (posted online with asynchronous dialogue). The Film Festivalette and exhibits will continue to be a prominent part of the CIES conference, as will receptions and the usual CIES meetings.

All Zoom sessions will be hosted by the conference organizers (i.e., we will use CIES Zoom licenses and have a host for each session to minimize/avoid security and technology issues). We are aiming to maximize the numbers of Zoom licenses to enable as many synchronous sessions as we can. Presentations that are posted online for asynchronous engagement)– posters, roundtables, and art exhibits – will be available from April 25 through May 2 to allow for additional engagement by all participants.

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation. If the on-site portion of the conference has to be cancelled we will proceed with the same synchronous sessions at the same times, and with the same Zoom links. (Participants will have to make adjustments to the times according to the time zones in which they are located.) We do not anticipate re-scheduling sessions of these sessions. Online asynchronous sessions will continue as planned.

This flexible approach allows participants to change their minds at any time about whether to travel to Seattle or participate virtually. At some point after submissions close participants will receive an invitation from All Academic to state their intention of participating on-site or online. Participants can change their mode of participation at any time. The structure of most sessions will not change, so whether participants are on-site or virtual, the ways that sessions are offered will remain the same.

We anticipate that this multi-pronged approach will provide participants with more opportunities and flexibility to engage in CIES 2021 conference. We appreciate your patience as we plan for an unknown and rapidly changing future.