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As explained in the Call for Contributions, CIES 2020 Miami will include a variety of session formats for proposals submitted for peer review via the All Academic online submission system. When you log into this system and are ready to submit your proposal, you will be given the option to “Select a Unit for Peer Review.” Many people who propose contributions to annual conferences of CIES ask whether they should submit their proposals to (a) the General Pool; (b) a Standing Committee; or (c) a Special Interest Group (SIG)

The first thing to know before deciding where to submit your proposal is that the chances of acceptance are similar regardless of which unit reviews your proposal — because the General Pool, Committees, and SIGs will all be allocated program slots in proportion to the number of submissions received.

Another important point to know is that, in order to promote wide participation, prospective presenters may submit only one proposal through the All Academic system for either an individual presentation (formal paper, round-table paper, or poster) or for group presentation (formal panel or round-table session). After you have submitted your proposal, the online submission system will automatically disable the option to submit additional papers, panels, or posters. However, submissions in other formats do not count towards the submission limit. Participants may also be listed more than once in the conference program as a co-author (non-presenter), chair, or discussant.

This means you should carefully consider where to submit your proposal. If your proposal does not fit the scope of papers being reviewed by a particular Committee or SIG, then you should submit it to the General Pool. In the event that Committee/SIG reviewers decide your proposal does not suit their thematic scope, it will not be possible to transfer your submission to a different Committee or SIG (although Committee/SIG reviewers may ask the Program Committee to consider an otherwise strong proposal for inclusion within the General Pool).

CIES 2020 Miami will accept proposals for contributions in several session formats. Proposals in certain formats will undergo double-blind peer review via the All Academic online submission system, while those in other formats will need to be submitted by email for review by the CIES 2020 Program Committee. The CIES 2020 All Academic online submission system will open in mid-August 2019 and close on October 1, 2019 (newly extended deadline) via the official conference website,

The CIES 2020 Program Committee — in its commitment to foster a climate of inclusion, diversity, and interdisciplinarity— encourages group submissions that include presenters who represent diversity in gender, race, institutional affiliation, theoretical perspectives, methodologies, etc. Homogenous panels such as those in which the presenters represent the same institution, theoretical orientation, methodology, or consist of all cis-gendered males (“manels”) are actively discouraged.

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