Contacts & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Many of your questions may be answered in the FAQs below. For those not covered, please contact the following people/offices for assistance.

Please contact the CIES 2021 Conference Planning Committee at with any questions, suggestions or requests related to CIES 2021 Conference.

For all questions related to CIES membership, please contact Susan Mcclellan at Go to the membership website to join or review for 2021.


CIES 2021 Conference Registration

When will registration open?

December 14, 2020.

Why isn’t the conference free for virtual participants?

It costs money to put on a conference – even a virtual conference. There are costs associated with the submission system, websites, storage for recorded sessions, Zoom licenses, and many other things.

Do you need to be a CIES member to submit or participate in the CIES2021 Annual Meeting?

Presenters need to be members of CIES for 2021. You may submit if you are not a member, but you will be expected to join CIES if your submission is accepted.

Attendees who are not presenting may attend and pay the non-member registration fee, although it may be to their benefit to join CIES and register as a member.

I may need to cancel. What is the refund policy?

Cancellation requests must be made in writing no later than March 24, 2021, to be eligible for a refund. Refunds will incur a $35 cancellation charge, which will be deducted from the refundable amount due. For individuals registered at Low Income Country rates, this cancellation fee will be waived if the request is received by March 24, 2021. Refunds will be issued in the same form in which they were received. In the case where a refund by wire transfer is necessary, a $20 wire fee will be withheld from the amount of the refund. No refunds will be issued after March 24, 2021.

Which countries are considered “low GDP countries”?

Discounted registration is available to those from the World Bank classifications of “low-income” and “lower-middle-income economies.” In addition, to be eligible for registration at these CIES Member rates, you (1) must have residency in, (2) must be currently living in, and (3) must be a citizen of a qualifying country. All three requirements must be met in order to receive the discounted rate.

CIES2021 Proposal Submission

I missed the submission deadline for presentation at the CIES 2021 Conference, do I still have opportunity to attend it?

Yes. The information about CIES 2021 Conference registration will be posted on in early December 2020.

When is the submission deadline?

October 1, 2020 (Extended to October 14, 2020).

I missed the deadline, can I still submit for CIES 2021?

No. Your late submission cannot be accepted.

 I submitted a proposal for 2020 but was not able to present due to the situation related to COVID-19. Can I re-submit the same paper for 2021?

You may re-submit the same proposal for 2021 if you did not present it in any form in 2020. An updated version of your work would be preferable to a duplicate proposal, but we are accepting the same proposals for those who didn’t present last year. They will undergo review just like the other submissions for 2021, and acceptance decisions are independent from the 2020 decisions.

When will I hear whether my paper/panel/roundtable/poster is accepted?

Notices will be sent in early December 2020.

When will I hear whether my pre-conference workshop, book launch or art exhibit is accepted?

Notices will be sent in late October or early November 2020.

Can high school students submit proposals for the CIES 2021 annual meeting?

Yes. High school students are welcome to submit research papers. We often have a few undergraduate students presenting, and many graduate students. High school students’ proposals will be reviewed through the same process as papers from more experienced researchers, so they might want to mention in the proposal that they are high school students. (Don’t name yourselves, just say that presenter(s) is(are) high school student(s), so we can make sure the proposal review takes that into account.)

If my paper or session has been presented at another conference or published, may I also submit it to CIES?

No. Only paper and session submissions that have not been previously published or presented at another professional meeting are eligible.

I would like to submit a paper from my thesis – I have not presented or published these findings anywhere before. Am I eligible to submit?

Yes. Presentations from thesis or dissertation work should be revised so the focus is presentable in 12-15 minutes. Generally, a thesis or dissertation has a much broader focus than can be presented in a conference setting.

Is there a limit to the number of times I may appear as a presenter in the meeting?

Presenters are limited to one presentation in paper, panel, roundtable or poster sessions. The one-presentation limit does not apply to book launches, pre-conference roundtables, New Scholars workshops, or the Gender Symposium, or to other roles such as chairs, organizers or discussants.

Is there a word limit for proposals?

Yes, different formats of submissions have different limits. Please see the Call for Submissions for more information.

May I submit my submission to multiple SIGs or Committees?

No. Please submit your proposal only once. Your name may be on multiple proposals, but only once as a presenter. Please do not submit the same proposal more than once.

May I submit a proposal to present research I’m working on that isn’t yet complete?

It is best to present on work you have completed or nearly completed. It is not a good idea to present on research that is in early stages.

I’m not sure which CIES SIG or Committee to submit to, or whether I should submit to the General Pool. What should I do?

Read the descriptions of each SIG and Committee, and also their conference theme statements, to get an idea of where your work would fit best. Topics that do not fit a SIG or committee can be submitted to the General Pool. Also, submitters sometimes submit to the general pool when they want the audience to be broader than a SIG or Committee.

Will submitters be able to request specific times for their sessions to accommodate multiple time zones of panel presenters?

No, but we will try to accommodate presenters. Later in the fall, All Academic will generate an invitation for you to indicate whether you want to present in person (in Seattle) or virtually. You can then state where you will be when you present. Please be sure that all presenters on your panel provide this information in All Academic so that we can try to accommodate time zones for virtual presenters. We cannot guarantee that you will have the exact time you want for your session, but we will do our best!